Past Events

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Software architecture and agility: what colour is your backlog? Philippe Kruchten
Beyond Scrum of Scrums: Scaling Up Agile with Kanban: Gil Irizarry
Agile Program Management: Is Large Agile an Oxymoron?
Pitfalls and Perils of Agile Testing: Janet Gregory
Lean Concepts Through Collaborative Play: The Bottleneck Game with Brian Bozzuto and Dan LeFebvre
The Agile Practitioners Problem Clinic: Mike Dwyer
01/06/2011: The Race to the South Pole: An Application of Agile Development - Rick Brenner
12/02/10: "Agile Metrics, Reporting and Diagnostics" - Giora Morein
11/04/2010: "Scaling Scrum: Applying the Agile Scaling Model (ASM)" - Scott Ambler
10/07/2010: Getting the user experience right on Agile projects – Hugh Beyer
9/2/2010: "Offshore Agile: Successes and Sorries" - Van Schooenderwoert, Grabel & Zenevitch
8/5/2010: "Getting Managers and Engineers Out of Each Other’s Hair" - Damon Poole (Slides)
7/1/2010: "Products and People over Process and Dogma" - David Hussman (Slides)
6/3/2010: "Upstream Kanban: Process Evolution in the Constant Contact Website Team" - Rick Simmons & Mike Fitterman
5/6/2010: "Agile Development & Software Architecture: Crossing the Great Divide" - Nanette Brown (Slides)
04/01/2010: Building the Right Product and Building the Product Right: Mario Moreira
1/7/2010: "The Leadership Team and the Software Crisis" - Mary Poppendieck (Slides)
12/3/2009: "Five Pillars of Coaching" - Mike Hill (Slides)
9/17/2009: "Voyage Toward Agility" (Flyer)
8/6/2009: "Practical Roadmap to Great Scrum" - Jeff Sutherland (Slides)