Volunteer Opportunities

Help Out and Learn More!

If you want to volunteer, we can certainly use your help and creativity. Contact our volunteer coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Food Services swarm is looking for help

General Responsibilities:

•Arrange for food at monthly meeting
•Coordinate with Registration swarm for # of people attending
•Pair with Phil Mason

Food Setup Responsibilities

•Purchase water bottles and tablecloths
•Arrive about 4:45pm to setup tables
•Meet delivery at 5:15pm to show to area
•Supervise setup

Cleanup Responsibilities

•Put tablecloths/food containers in trash
•Remind people to pickup space & trash
•Straighten up tables & chairs

Join the Volunteer Pool for Monthly Meetings

We are looking for volunteers to step forward at

current monthly meetings to perform a variety of tasks.


Sample Responsibilities:

•Hold and walk around microphones for questions
•Help tally feedback forms with others within minutes directly after the meetings
•As needed, perhaps help with food setup, registration, clean up after meeting, etc.