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Scaling Up Agile - Sociocracy and Consent Decision-Making: Jerry Koch-Gonzalez

Jan 05, 2017, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm,  Constant Contact , Waltham, MA: REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED

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Jerry Koch-Gonzalez

Jerry Koch-Gonzalez


Sociocracy is a governance model based on equivalence in decision making that enables teams and organizations to make better decisions faster. Although developed independently, many describe sociocracy as a way to scale up agile to a whole organization and improve the communication and cooperation in and between all parts of an organization.

In this presentation, we will go through the principles of transparency, effectiveness and equivalence that are guiding sociocracy and the processes that support those principles. Examples from a software company using both agile and sociocracy will make is easy to understand how sociocracy can help software companies run their organization more effectively and in line with their values.

About the speaker:

Jerry helps companies and organizations implement sociocracy in support of their strategic goals, and to create adaptive and effective organizations where all members’ voices matter.

He is a consultant and certified trainer in both Dynamic Governance/Sociocracy and Compassionate Communication (NVC), with a focus on governance, decision making, communication skills, and conflict resolution. Jerry is a founding resident of Pioneer Valley Cohousing, a 22year old community in Amherst MA successfully using Dynamic Governance for the last four years. Jerry is the director for Sociocracy For All, a project of the Institute for Peaceable Communities and is the CEO of The Sociocracy Consulting Group, itself a sociocratic limited liability company run on cooperative principles.