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Other Thanks

In addition to our regular sponsors, we would like to thank the following organizations:



Scrum.org is the home of Scrum, and is leading the evolution and maturity of Scrum to improve the profession of software development.  They let us use their space for our Board meetings and special events.



LeanKit provided us with a complimentary multi-user license for LeanKit Kanban Advanced. We are using it for both Agile New England needs and additionally for planning and tracking events such as Agile Games. It helps us out tremendously by keeping stories, tasks, and deadlines organized and trackable.



Sococo recreates the personal proximity and functionality of a physical office needed by teams in an online experience. Sococo provided us with complimentary user licenses so that we could use it to hold meetings for Agile Games and Mob Programming event planning along with Agile New England board meetings.


Boston Product Management Association (BPMA)

The mission of the Boston Product Management Association is to enhance the professional development of product management and product marketing professionals in the Greater Boston area by offering skills training, job resources, mentoring, educational seminars, and networking opportunities.


Pearson Professional

Pearson Professional provides us with books for our monthly meeting raffle, as well as discounts on their products to our members.